21 Alive: East Allen County school board president running for New Haven mayor

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The school board president for East Allen County, Bob Nelson, has officially announced his intention to run for New Haven mayor.

Nelson made the announcement Wednesday morning at New Haven bakery. He can’t file the official paperwork until January but says he wanted to get his name out early.

He says New Haven is experiencing real growth and heading in a new direction, and he wants to lead and be part of that movement.

“Not only the next 4 but the next 40 years is going to be a great place to live,” Nelson said. “The additions and great things taking place as far as education in New Haven are great. New infrastructure to our schools, new businesses are coming, entrepreneurs coming to town.”

We asked Nelson what his goals and vision would be if he were to be elected.

“My goal is to move to the next generation of leadership,” Nelson said. “I’m looking to be a bridge to the next leader. my full-time outlook: in 8 years I think I can accomplish treating and bringing in, training and bringing in that next generation.”

Nelson says in the coming weeks and months, he’ll work with his focus group and begin the marketing process. Terry McDonald, who has been New Haven’s mayor for close to 20 years, said he will not seek reelection in 2019.


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